AEC Grand Opening Recap

The Grand Opening of the Australian English Centre (AEC) marked a significant milestone in bringing English education to children in Vietnam, starting with those in Da Nang. With a commitment to providing quality education, AEC aims to empower young learners with essential language skills that will open doors to global opportunities.

Held on Christmas Day, the event was not only a celebration of language but also a festive occasion filled with gifts, games, and joyous moments. Hosting the event on Christmas Day allowed AEC to infuse the spirit of giving into the celebration. Children were delighted to receive gifts from Santa Claus and participated in various games and activities designed to make learning English fun and engaging.

The Grand Opening welcomed esteemed guests, parents, and, most importantly, young learners eager to embark on their English language journey. The presence of families underscored the importance of education in shaping the future generation and fostering cultural exchange.

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