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This is the foundational course that kicks off the powerful Communication course program. Students will launch their journey to becoming fluent English communicators in this course, which will focus on critical basic knowledge.

  • They will have conversations and ask and answer questions.
  • They will correctly pronounce difficult sounds.
  • Students will practice intonation and rhythm to begin to speak more naturally, and begin to use grammar structures to create more compound and complex sentences.
  • They will describe familiar things, and use adjectives more often.
  • They will respond to open-ended questions and use proper pronouns. They will choose and use appropriate verb tenses, modal verbs, and prepositions.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: hometown, nationalities, personal information, descriptions, jobs and work, food and drink, habits, free time, cinema, tourism, likes/dislikes, fashion, invitations, school, past experiences, housing, daily life, directions, making arrangements, holidays.
  • Focus areas include: describing objects and ideas, expanding vocabulary, using third person, correct pronunciation of S sounds, asking and giving directions, asking and answering open-ended questions, properly using tenses and regular and irregular verb forms, listening to understand meaning, main ideas, and details, providing details and additional information, using simple conjunctions.
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