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This course builds upon the foundation established in COM 1. Students review and practice the concepts learned in the first course, and begin to explore and practice new concepts and techniques.

  • Students apply proper noun and verb forms and tenses to describe, explain, summarize, and paraphrase common topics.
  • They will be able to discuss preferences and past experiences by providing more elaborated in detailed responses.
  • They will learn and practice writing emails and essay introductions and conclusions.
  • They will practice skimming and scanning text for main ideas and details.
  • Students will continue to develop their ability to pronounce difficult sounds, and practice using different types of prepositions.
  • They will identify and explain different parts of written texts, and identify the writer’s view. They will also learn how to develop a paragraph.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: relationships, places and buildings, education and employment, food and drink, consumerism, leisure time, fame, the media, and the natural world.
  • Focus areas include: topical vocabulary, providing details, using verb tenses and noun forms, listening for meaning and main ideas, skimming and scanning written text, paraphrasing, describing and summarizing data, collocations, extending answers, recognize synonyms, write introductions and conclusions, and IELTS speaking and writing practice.
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