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This course begins to expand communicative knowledge and ability by practicing prior knowledge and integrating it with new concepts and ideas.

  • Students are becoming confident in their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas, by using more complex structures and providing additional information.
  • They discuss their preferences, and can agree and disagree during conversations.
  • They can give suggestions and advice on topical subjects.
  • They use proper grammar structure to discuss past, present, and future events, and describe them in detail using adjectives.
  • Students can write more detailed emails, articles, and short essays.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: places and locations, appearances and personalities, holidays, airports, housework, shopping, time, health and body, towns and cities, happiness, language learning, animals, biographies, phobias and fears, school, sports, Murphy’s Law, directions, memories, unusual events, gossip.
  • Focus areas include: verb tenses and connector words, preposition types and paraphrasing, word and sentence stress, natural conversations, intonation and rhythm, using reported speech and phrasal verbs, summarizing written text, participating in conversations, talking about the past and future, pronouncing difficult sounds, email and article writing, and listening for meaning, main ideas, and details.
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