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In this course, students feel confident and comfortable using English as a tool to converse, understand, explain, and give opinions.

  • Students begin to use the language for more complex tasks.
  • They will provide elaborated opinions with descriptions, explanations, and examples.
  • They will talk about unfamiliar topics.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to write various types of content.
  • They will use specific language to express their precise meaning.
  • Students will be able to regulate the strength of their responses when asked for their opinion or whether they agree or disagree.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: questions and answers, beliefs, illness and injuries, clothes and fashion, air travel, reading, weather and environment, blogs, feelings, making comments, music, sleep, arguments, acting, crime and punishment, the media, advertising and business, cities, science, and presentations.
  • Focus areas include: forming questions, auxiliary verbs and compound adjectives, writing casual emails, future, present, and past tense forms, agreeing and disagreeing, word stress and intonation, using fillers, writing a short story, conditionals and time clauses, gerunds and infinitives, sentence stress, linking and modal verb forms, giving opinions, passive voice form, uncountable and plural noun forms, prefixes/suffixes, sentence stress, presentations, and quantifiers.
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