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This is a capstone course in which students demonstrate their past knowledge and apply it to increasingly complex topics.

  • Students strengthen, refine, and enhance their ability to give their opinion, to agree or disagree with topical issues, speak at length about unfamiliar topics, and sound confident and comfortable while doing so.
  • Student will fine-tune their speech production, and understand different accents.
  • They will use connector words to link ideas and add complexity to their speaking and writing.
  • They will use proper sentence structure to make grammatically correct sentences when speaking and writing.
  • They will be able to speculate on hypotheticals, and deduce summations from data.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: personality, work, family trees, job interviews and applications, past events and incidents, dating, conflict and warfare, history, speculation and deduction, news stories, money, US/UK accents, stress/relaxation, technology, permission, obligation, and necessity, laws and rules, art and illustrations, health and medicine, travel and tourism, insects and animals, complaints, vague language, living abroad, and sport.
  • Focus areas include: half-agreeing, phrasal verbs, spoken rhythm, using a dictionary, French origin words and expressions, adverbs / adverbials, modal verb forms, inversion, idioms and metaphors, discursive essays, conditional sentences, short presentations, verbs of sense, prefixes, similes, informal and vague language, ellipsis, cleft sentences, homographs, and word building.
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