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In this course, students deepen their fluency of each component of the IELTS exam with topics such as business and the environment. They build confidence and knowledge to make powerful, uncommon responses, express agreement or disagreement and suggestions, learn and demonstrate effective response planning techniques for the speaking exam, understand and appraise data from graphs and charts, practice writing introductions and conclusions, and logically sequence ideas.

Students understand and apply idioms and advanced grammar structures into their responses, demonstrate their prowess skimming and scanning texts for information. In addition, they demonstrate their knowledge with regular reviews and practice tests. Collaborative activities in the course include brainstorming, pair work, group discussion, and role playing.

The AEC IELTS Language Program is a powerful series of courses designed to approach the process of preparing for the IELTS Exam in a new and refreshing way. The AEC-ILP combines the strength of dedicated and knowledgeable educators with the practical, comprehensive Cambridge Mindset for IELTS curriculum.

The program uses Western-style approaches and methods to capture students’ attention, provide meaningful lessons and activities, build confidence and fluency, and ensure that the knowledge transfer is complete. Finally, online resources complete the circle of learning for the student.


  • Suggested age: 16 - 18+

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: Natural and man-made environment, recreation, news/media, travel/transportation, business/work, education systems, festivals, and traditions.
  • Focus areas include: skimming/scanning, identifying facts and opinions, matching statements, planning and structuring essays, using topic vocabulary for speaking and writing, expressing feelings, understanding descriptions, and talking at length about focus topics.
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