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In this course, students will broaden their vocabulary on familiar topics, practice Yes/No and open (what/where) questions. They’ll learn to use simple adjectives, answer “How many?” questions, and create sentences with more complex structures. The curriculum covers plurals, singulars, and pronouns (he/she), along with affirmative and negative statements using simple conjunctions. The course also includes practical skills like making simple presentations and independent pair practice. The “Road to IELTS” program will help students get used to using simple adjectives and conjunctions to extend their sentences. Students will also be introduced to the Cambridge test “STARTERS.”


  • Suggested age: 6.5-8.5 years old

What Will I Learn?

  • Greetings, Numbers, Pronouns, Plurals, Negative statements, Vocabulary (School, Family, Colors, Shapes, Gadgets, Toys, Nature, Food, Animals), He/She, Possessive adject., Plurals, What?/Who?/How many?/Y-N?, Simple adjectives. EXTRA FEATURES RTI: Contrasting ideas (but), Cambridge STARTERS
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