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In this course, students will expand their vocabulary on familiar topics and understand how to answer open questions like “What?’ and “Where?”. The curriculum includes the use of prepositions of location, various pronouns, and understanding the nuances between singular and plural forms. Additionally, students will learn to articulate abilities using the verb “can” and express time-related concepts. Throughout the course, students will engage in practical application by practicing the present continuous and the 3rd person of the present simple. Furthermore, they’ll refine their communication skills by incorporating the conjunction “and” to slightly extend their sentences.


  • Suggested age: 7.5-9.5 years old

What Will I Learn?

  • Vocabulay (School/Things/Activities/Jobs/Food/House/Habits), 3rd person present simple, Present continuous, Conjunctions, Preposition of places, Pronouns, Where?/What?/Who?/Y-N?
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