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In this course, students will enhance their vocabulary, practice answering open questions, and refine responses using conjunctions and adverbs. Collaborative activities include pair work and class surveys. The course covers present continuous, 3rd person present simple, negative statements, possessive adjectives, and time-telling. Finally, students will be introduced to the past simple tense, learning regular and irregular verbs for discussing recent past events. The “Road to IELTS” program will help students get used to providing additional information and using sequencers to offer multiple and more detailed answers. Students will also be prepared to take the Cambridge test “MOVERS.”


  • Suggested age: 8.5-11 years old

What Will I Learn?

  • Vocabulay (School/Jobs/Activities/Clothes/Places/Habits), 3rd person present simple, Present continuous, Past simple, Conjunctions, Class surveys, Where?/What?/Who?/How?/Y-N?. EXTRA FEATURES RTI: Give alternatives, Sequencer "Then", Extra conjunctions, "How often?", With, Adjectives for activities, Cambridge MOVERS
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