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In this course, students will embark on a holistic language journey, focusing on expanding vocabulary, mastering open question responses, and delving into complex tenses. They will refine adjective usage, storytelling abilities, and grammar proficiency, encompassing possessive pronouns, relative clauses, and passive voice. The course also includes acquiring direction-related vocabulary, understanding wish and conditional sentences, honing reasoning skills, and developing proficiency in reported speech. By the end, participants will not only enhance their vocabulary but also possess a versatile command of grammar and communication techniques, making them adept language users across various scenarios.


  • Suggested age: 10-12.5 years old

What Will I Learn?

  • Vocabulay (School activities/Aquarium/Experiences/Shopping/Directions/Countries & Nationalities/Personality), Present continuos. Present perfect continuous, Present perfect, Past simple, Past continuous, Future "will", Passive voice, Sequencers, Comparatives and Superlatives, Second conditional, Modals, Reported speech, Relative clause who, Prepositions of movement, Possessive pronouns, When?/Where?/What?/Who?/Why?/How?/Which?/Y-N?
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