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This exciting introductory course to the AEC-TEEN language program is specifically designed to showcase the breathtaking ability of English usage through simple yet powerful steps. This course contains a number of objectives that are essential for students’ path to fluency. They will expand their vocabulary on common topics and be able to ask and answer basic questions. They will describe things and choose the strength of their words. Students will become comfortable using modal verbs and tenses. They will become familiar with the KET Test format to prepare for the official test and practice answering IELTS Part 1-style question topics. Finally, they will engage their classmates by conducting class surveys.


  • Suggested age: 12.5 - 15

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: Back to school, global talent, my hangouts, this is fun!, favorite things, your day, be good, and my style.
  • Focus areas include vocabulary and speaking tasks for school subjects, nationalities, family bedroom objects, city life, interests and abilities, possessions, action verbs and adjectives, daily routines, habits, food and drink, physical descriptions, and clothes.
  • Grammar topics include affirmative and negatives, possessive adjectives, simple tenses, ‘have’ and ‘be’, adverbs, and pronouns.
  • Reading lessons include guessing new words, predicting topics from headings and pictures, scanning, skimming, understanding pronouns, and using pictures to understand words.
  • Each lesson contains simple listening practice to identify words, and speaking practice about common and simple topics. This course introduces writing tasks and a robust set of lessons from describing food to writing a biography.
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