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This course is the second in AEC’s robust TEEN program. It reinforces past learning and provides significant new knowledge of using English to talk about the world around us. This course adds more structure to the language so students can build stronger foundations when speaking, listening, writing, and reading. This course contains objectives that improve students’ journey to natural English communication.

Students will reinforce knowledge from the first course and build new vocabulary on common topics. They will improve their ability to use descriptive language for detailed answers. They will use the correct strength of response. Students will increase their confidence using modal verbs and tenses and hearing main ideas and details. They will practice the KET Test format to prepare for the official exam and reinforce their ability to answer IELTS Part 1-style question topics.

Finally, they will also practice giving longer talks on different topics to become familiar with the structure of the IELTS Part 2 format.


  • Suggested age: 13-15

What Will I Learn?

  • Topics include: vacations and parties, daily life, nature and exploration, music, and fitness.
  • Focus areas in this second course of the Teen program include special vocabulary for each unit.
  • Speaking lessons include talking about the weather, making requests, expressing interest, describing events and making suggestions, and discussing illness and injuries.
  • Listening tasks continue to use relevant and interesting topics for students to focus on ideas, keywords, and specific information.
  • Writing topics focus on basic connector words, joining ideas together, using adjectives and adverbs, and using specific structure words, such as when, before, after, and time phrases.
  • Reading lessons contain tasks for skimming and scanning text, guessing meanings, predicting content, and identifying questions.
  • Grammar areas focus on tenses, types of nouns and verbs and their use, quantifiers, and modal verb use.
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