At AEC, we offer an exclusive teaching program known as ROAD TO IELTS. This curriculum is designed to cater from KIDS level to adults, addressing common pitfalls encountered in the IELTS exam. We are committed to delivering high-quality education, structured in a professional manner adhering to Western standards. Our team of teachers undergoes comprehensive training to ensure effective and engaging lessons for all age groups.

In our KIDS classes, we require children to be able to write in order to keep up with the lessons. Children at different stages of development have varied activities, hence a significant age gap can hinder effective integration. Physical stature is also a concern as younger children may struggle to communicate with older peers, leading to isolation and potential bullying. These factors can diminish a child’s interest in learning English and hinder their ability to focus.

This is a crucial age for children’s learning and language development. The RTI course helps establish a foundation for IELTS, ideal for parents aiming for their children to study abroad or facilitate future career opportunities. RTI is a structured program guiding children to build fundamental knowledge and develop answer strategies while addressing common challenges Vietnamese students face in the IELTS exam. It provides a significant advantage from the start, with ample opportunities to achieve high scores in the IELTS exam, supplemented with Cambridge Test materials.

Learning a new language requires ample time for practice, hence we avoid rushing through lessons like other centers might do. Additionally, A.E.C prioritizes engaging lesson designs with diverse activities, allowing students more time to practice speaking skills and avoiding overwhelming schedules that yield ineffective results.

Regular assessments help teachers accurately gauge students’ abilities to tailor appropriate teaching methods. If a student struggles in an unsuitable class, they may feel demotivated and doubtful about their abilities, leading to disengagement and loss of confidence in their learning process. This negatively impacts not only the individual student but also their peers in the class.

Discipline is a crucial factor affecting students’ learning progress. Therefore, to enhance educational quality and class effectiveness, the center encourages both parents and students to recognize the importance of self-discipline in learning English. The class evaluation form facilitates teacher-parent interaction. Lack of discipline in class can negatively affect classmates and offers incentives for parents if their child demonstrates discipline in class.

Practicing English is essential, and completing homework is a vital part of the learning process as it reinforces lessons taught at the center. This ensures that additional exercises contribute to solidifying previously learned material, enabling children to keep up with the program effectively.

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